Alex Foxton

"I’ve noticed that your pieces share male characters overcoming the typical mould for masculinity. Are you purposely challenging the ‘macho’ façade/stereotype?

I’m not consciously challenging anything; I just want to represent a specific kind of masculinity. Until recently, I didn’t see anything political in what I paint but I’ve been asked a few times to explain why I paint men the way I do – as sensual and expressive, like that isn’t a part of a man’s natural being. It’s funny that I have to justify that, as if it’s threatening."



Péixe Collardot

"Péixe Collardot (1995) is an artist, a student at HEAR (Strasbourg) and one of the editors of the fanzine L’Ennui.His draws images of benevolent hells where everyone tortures themselves as they please to the point of exhaustion, and of generous Edens where everything comes together."