Christopher Street Magazine

"Christopher Street magazine was founded in New York City in 1976 by Charles Ortleb and Michael Denneny, and operated under the editorial direction of Thomas Steele. A monthly New Yorker-style gay literary magazine, it featured works of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, news, book reviews, illustrations and photography: its content focused on serious discussions of issues deemed important within the gay community, along with witty satire aimed at anti-gay criticism. The magazine was considered one of the only publications where emerging gay authors could speak with an authentically ‘gay’ voice. Over the course of its more than 19 years in print, the magazine helped provide a spotlight for notable and upcoming queer literati, including Christopher Bram, Scott Heim and Edmund White. A total of 231 issues of Christopher Street were released before the magazine was forced to shutter its doors in December 1995.
Christopher Street magazine is yet another fascinating piece of West Village history: an excellent example of the continuing evolution of the Stonewall message post riots. It’s definitely worth a second glance for those interested in learning more about queer history."