Efrain John Gonzalez

El fotógrafo Efrain John Gonzalez estuvo más de tres décadas fotografiando la vida gay en el Meatpacking District.  Efrain ha capturado momentos clave de la historia cultural y social queer de Nueva York.

"Efrain John Gonzalez is a photographic artist who's talents with camera and darkroom, has allowed him to document the unusual, the erotic, the unique, the wild and slightly crazy, from the world of body modifications to the underground universe of radical S&M, from sensual beauty of the flesh, to raw sexual desires. An internationally published photographer who for the past 35 years has been traveling down dark and mysterious paths, trying to capture on film, real life images that illustrates a story of people finding the path to their souls, gathering together to celebrate their uncommon lives. His patience has created a rare historical archive of original work, candid photographs of underground clubs, transgender people, tattoo and body modification events, cities at night, and leather cultures."

"Along with my more recent photography with digital cameras, I am always creating new galleries from my incredible film archive of over 40 years of B&W and Kodacrome photography, and each month I will try to introduce a new photo showcase of my older work."

Emanuel Xavier (poeta) & photographer Efrain John Gonzalez at BGSQD (NY, 2014)