Fernando Carpaneda

"Today Fernando Carpaneda definitely is one of the most important artists of Brazil's underground art scene. Fernando began his career at age thirteen painting landscapes and unpretentious portraits. He honed his craft and talent with every new piece created. Today the  young boy has become a man, his art acclaiming ever growing international recognition and appreciation! The early years of Fernando's career in Brasilia were not easy due to the strong influence of the "underground" and street culture depicted in his work. Social issues never witstanding. In the early years of his career, a renowned art gallery owner suggested changes in Fernando's works to make them ''fit better'' . Carpaneda broke with the conventionality of art galleries and took off for a far more more personal and radical artistic journey. Beginning to exhibit in unofficial spaces or just simply in the streets, he often got his inspiration from these very same places. 

At the same time some of the new admirers of his art became stars of international rock music or found fame in the film industry, including Arturo Vega (The Ramones), Leigh De Vries, Ginger Coyote, myself (Manoush) and many others. With aggresive creativity and the unusual use of unconventional materials (often coming from disposal), Carpaneda had finally established his art drawn from the streets after being invited to participate in a collective exhibition at the infamous CBGB`s Gallery in New York in the year of 2000. CBGB`s scene was definitely a door opener for Carpaneda and paved his way to enter the international art circuit. Fernando Carpaneda was one of the first Brazilian artists, if not THE first one, to disseminate and systematically display punk art and homoerotic art.  

His voracious engagement in the cause of diversity and punk culture led him to exhibit at Art Basel in Miami, the Tom of Finland Foundation in California, The Stax Museum of American Soul Music in Memphis and The Leslie Lohman Museum in New York to name a few. His works are included in multiple art collections, galleries and museums around the world while also appearing in publications as The Best of Punk Globe Magazine, alonside Debbie Harry, Jamie Oliver(UK SUBS),Sid Vicious,Earl Slick,John Lydon,The Adicts,Glen Matlock,Joe Dallesandro,Andy Warhol,Pauley Perrete also in Treasures Of Gay Art, a book featuring Andy Warhol, Robert Mapplethorpe, Keith Haring, Jean Cocteau and many others. In June 18, 2012, some of his works were selected and exhibited at Times Square in New York, during the opening of the exhibition Art Takes Times Square. The works were exhibited in 10m² LED panels covering 23 floors (Nasdaq screens, Thomson and Reuters, Clear Channel Spectacolor, and A2aMedia's Port Authority) the exhibition was seen by over 1 million people.  Manoush, Tunis, February 2015."


Mariette Pathy Allen - Dye Transfer


"La fotógrafa Mariette Pathy Allen viajaba a Nueva Orleans para el carnaval en 1978, cuando se dio cuenta de que ella se alojaba en el mismo hotel que un grupo de impresionantes travestis. Cuando ese grupo, vistiendo trajes brillantes y pelucas extravagantes, la invitó a desayunar, Allen cogió su cámara de fotos.

"Tomé mi primera fotografía del grupo mientras estaban alrededor de la piscina del hotel, y cuando lo hice, mi vida cambió", explica Allen en un comunicado. "Cuando levanté los ojos de la cámara, me encontré mirando a los ojos de una persona en medio del grupo. De repente, ya no veía a un hombre o una mujer, veía la esencia de un ser humano, un alma. Al conocer a esta persona, tuve el privilegio de entrar en un mundo oculto que me ofreció un pasaporte para viajar más allá de las fronteras".

Esta experiencia provocó toda una vida de la creación artística en torno a la documentación de los inconformistas de género y personas transgénero. De hecho, entre finales de 1970 y principios de los años 80, el trabajo que Allen estaba realizando no se había hecho nunca antes. El trabajo de Allen fue compilado en una exposición titulada "Transformaciones".

texto  www.ragap.es


Molly Landreth - Embodiment: A Portrait of Queer Life in America

"Embodiment: A Portrait of Queer Life in America is an archive and a journey through a rapidly changing community and the lives of people who offer brave new visions of what it means to be queer in America today.

Stopping in churches, parks, high school classrooms, back yards and bedrooms, I have collaborated with individuals from both urban and rural areas for over six years.

With this ever-growing archive of portraits, I aim to highlight a national experience while acknowledging its many diverging, overlapping, and at times, conflicting parts.

Created as a joint effort with participants who boldly stand in front of my lens, Embodiment reveals images of love and survival, creative forms of gender expression and the ever-changing anatomy of a family. It is my hope that these photographs will become a lasting archive for generations to come."

— Molly Landreth