Caroline Wells Chandler

"This will be a very gay show. This is how New York-based transgender artist Caroline Wells Chandler first described Queering the Lines, which is currently on view at Art League Houston (ALH). And the show does not disappoint. The exhibition features paintings of celestial bodies in ceramic drag, as well as hand crocheted drawings and sculptures of bears, antennas, equine familiars, and the axis mundi to explore notions of queerness in all its rainbow spectrum glory!"

There’s “Frostina” (2016), who bears scars from a double mastectomy FTM top surgery and holds his ankles in a jump split; his genitals, which may be a penis or a vagina — it’s unclear and, more importantly, unimportant — radiate a rainbow, while a pink cape hangs from his shoulders, anointing him a queer superhero.

Crocheting a Queer Vision of Art History

Queering the Lines:  Interview Caroline Wells Chandler