Celeste Dupuy-Spencer

"Like the new casualists, described in Sharon Butler’s Brooklyn Rail piece about new abstraction, Celeste Dupuy-Spencer’s paintings “seek to accommodate a world in which there is often no clear truth or falseness. They are more intrigued by the questions and contradictions than by any definitive answers the work might provide.” But unlike many new abstract artists, and even her figurative abstraction mentors Amy Sillman, and Nicole Eisenman (all of whom have worked to complicate traditional painting discourse with feminism – in varying forms) Celeste Dupuy-Spencer’s work continues to grate down on the figure, and it’s detritus as if to reassert that our own bodies are still the best political agents we can hope for, as subject to chance, change, disaster, and abuse as they are. In recent months, Celeste has taken a break from oil painting in favor of watercolor and gouache. The resulting pictures are a series of small, fresh works including the aforementioned OWS paintings, a series called Butches of My Childhood, and a handful of paintings made especially for our first edition of The Deal."

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