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 part of a happy life

 part of a happy life

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the silent spot

"Perfectly Normal is about the struggle between youthful expectation and adult actualisation. It is an exploration and celebration of the confusion, hope, wonder, and awkwardness of growing up queer. The boys depicted are at a time in their lives when development is an absurd burden they have no choice but to endure. 

The boys in Perfectly Normal are struggling with ambiguous sexual feelings and navigating through various social situations. The images capture feelings not easily articulated by language or gender, feelings that are unexplained, forbidden, and secret. Both seen and unseen elements are depicted by overlaid foreground and background images. Contrasting images show the viewer what lies beyond the surface of an ordinary situation, exposing the participant's most intimate thoughts. 

Vague childhood sexual feelings transform into adolescent fantasy, and images such as medical diagrams, or the men's section of a clothing catalogue become unlikely "pornography." Boys peruse the underwear section of a clothing catalogue without arousing suspicion. 

The eleven screen prints in Perfectly Normal use images from Boy Scout manuals as well as various photographic sources. The original style of the source material is preserved, while new ideologies and information are constructed and revealed. The resulting imagery is both an homage to, and critique of, the original material. Feelings of admiration for, and repulsion from, the idea(l)s of the Scouting movement are explored through manipulated drawings. Supposedly neutral images are turned against themselves, making the pedagogical humorous, poking fun at institutions of masculinity and sexuality"