James Huctwith


"You can compare Canadian artist James Huctwith to artists from Rembrandt to gay art star Attila Richard Lukacs, but Huctwith brings his own dark melody to his portraits, tableaux, and still lifes. The mainstream art world may view his work as highly sexualized, but the audience on this website may just see that for what it is, not calculated but a means to an end. His authority with the subject matter suggests he is creating from his experience rather than as a shock tactic. Even though his dramatic canvases stage scenes of hallucinatory, murky sexual goings-on. If you happen to check out his website, blog, or Facebook page you will also see that Huctwith is quite great to look at himself, with rust-colored Byronic charms. So if you can't become a collector, you can always become a fan."