William Gale Gedney

"William Gale Gedney (1932-1989) nacido en Greenville, Nueva York, fue un fotógrafo cuya obra no cobraría impulso y reconocimiento hasta después de su fallecimiento. No obstante, a lo largo de su vida, recibió varias becas y subvenciones, incluyendo el ser becado por la John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation entre 1966 y 1967, una beca Fulbright para su trabajo fotográfico sobre la India entre 1969 y 1971, becado también por el New York State Creative Artists Public Service Program (C.A.P.S.) de 1972 a 1973, y una beca del National Endowment for the Arts 1975 a 1976.

William Gedney murió en 1989 victima del SIDA en Nueva York y está enterrado en Greenville, Nueva York, a poca distancia de la casa de su infancia. Dejó sus fotografías y escritos a su amigo Lee Friedlander." 


Attila Richard Lukacs

"Richard Lukacs was born in Alberta in 1962. After spending ten years living and working in Berlin, he relocated to New York in 1986. He left New York in 2001 to live and work in Hawaii.

Lukacs is known predominantly for his paintings of male skinheads, primates and American military cadets during the early 1990s. These brutally explicit works shocked and provoked a generation of painters and critics alike.

During his time in Hawaii, Lukacs created a beautiful series of paintings with gold leaf entitled Flowers. The images are lush with decorative patterning and an oriental sensibility.

His 1999 exhibition, Arbor Vitae, dramatically differed in subject to his earlier bodies of work, but ultimately shared a common theme of looking at art historical traditions and references. These elegant paintings provide the viewer with a more introspective and private message.

In 2003, Lukacs returned with a vengeance to earlier themes of homosexuality, social deviance, sexual aggression, punishment and male supremacy in Of Monkeys and Men."


Joey Terrill

"Joey Terrill is a formative figure in the Chicano art movement and AIDS cultural activism and is a former board member of VIVA!, the first gay and lesbian Latino art organization in Los Angeles. Born in 1955 and raised in Highland Park, Terrill has been influenced by sources as diverse as pop art, Mexican retablos, twentieth-century painters ranging from Romaine Brooks to Frida Kahlo and the energy, politics and creative synergy of Chicano and queer art circles in Los Angeles. Over the last 30 years, Terrill has created seminal portraits of everyday queer life in the barrios. His work has been included in such exhibitions as Gronk and Joey at Score Bar (1984), Alex Donis/Joey Terrill: Two Points of View at Echo Park Gallery (1991) and, most recently, ASCO: Elite of the Obscure, A Retrospective, 1972–1987 at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (2011)."