Geoffrey Chadsey

“Chadsey’s source images seem to be harvested from random Flickr pages or hook-up websites––the imperfect bodies, ordinary furniture, and flat lighting are all the stuff of private worlds made public online. It is with a deft hand and a peculiar vision that the artist manages to construct works imbued with such memorably freakish integrity.”

Glen Helfand, artforum.com (Critic’s Picks 1.11)

“Resolutely unglamorous, Chadsey's young men, no hunks, preen and pose, sometimes grotesquely transformed by superimpositions that seem to be materialized projections of their fantasies…. These drawings in water-soluble colored pencil on mylar are skillfully delineated, visually powerful, and, even these days, disturbing and provocative.”

DeWitt Chang, Huffington Post “This Month’s Top Exhibitions” (1.11)

“In contrast to the easy surrealism that many of his contemporaries practice, Chadsey goes to the limits of representation to describe the convergence of identities that we suspect marks every individual today.”

Kenneth Baker, SF Chronicle (2.11