Greg Reynolds: Jesus Days, 1978-1983

Greg Reynolds was born in Lexington, Kentucky. At the age of 30, he resigned from a conservative Christian organization, came out as a gay man and moved to New York City to study film at Columbia University from which he obtained an MFA in 1989. He photographs his family and friends, as well as strangers and models, trying to capture the intimacy they share in that moment. A portraitist and visual story teller, he draws his inspiration from painting, documentary photography and cinema.

Today, Reynolds works on photo book projects: Jesus Days, 1978-1983; Evidence, two decades of pictures of his family and home in Kentucky; and Possibly Maybe, a series of men’s portraits. He has studied and assisted at the School of the International Center of Photography in New York City. After residing in Brooklyn, he travels and currently stays in Berlin.

(...) "A missionary gave me a 35 mm camera in 1978 and I started taking pictures. They were not meant to be seen by anyone other than my friends and family. I photographed out of curiousity and the desire to capture a moment. Without my knowing it at the time, I realize now that these pictures were my first artistic body of work. Looking at the images today, I see all my longing and wishes expressed, things I could not say in words.

I appeared the model Christian, an evangelical poster boy. I prayed and read my Bible, went to church and refrained from sex. But all through these days, I had a secret that I could not admit to others nor to myself. I loved but was not in love with the girl whom I thought I should marry and was in love with my best friend with whom I never would have a relationship. I feared that if my secret was exposed, I would lose my family, friends and position. It would be the end of myself as I knew myself.

In the Spring of 1983, I broke up with my girlfriend, resigned from the organization and came out as a gay man. That summer I moved to New York City where I entered the Film School of Columbia University. I became a photographer."

texto y fotos: lenscratch.com