Scott Treleaven

"Scott Treleaven draws the occult influences that underpin punk mythology to construct utopias of youth and sexual exploration. His photographs and lavish images expel a sense of passion and loss, episodes in a mystical baroque romance.

Chiyogami floral motifs, piles of skulls, low-res photographs of hooded figures and shirtless punk boys float over soft fields of watercolour. His work often embodies the call to the unknown lover –an object of Treleaven’s graphic soliloquy, a powerful conjure of queer, punk, magick and the occult.
The angry idealism that marks the social and spiritual base of punk sub-culture forms the core oeuvre of Scott Treleaven. In the late 1990s the Toronto born artist and filmmaker launched his project This is the Salivation Army, a series of zines and a film that built an international community of queer kids (amongst others) through an underground network."

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