Reed Massengill

Reed Massengill is not only a highly acclaimed photographer, but an editor and writer as well. He is an icon in gay culture. The range of his work is impressive, beginning with Portrait of a Racist: The Man Who Killed Medgar Evers, a gripping biography that was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. Other Reed Massengill books followed, this time focused not on man’s ugly side, but on his beauty. Gay photography books like Massengill Men and Brian: A Nine–Year Photographic Diary showcased his artistic eye, fearlessly straddling the line between gay erotic photography and art. Eschewing overly dramatic lighting and hyper–stylized images, his gay photography books showcase the male form in its natural splendor. Finally, as editor of such photographic books as Uncovered: Rare Vintage Male Nudes and Self–Exposure: The Male Nude Self Portrait, Reed Massengill has helped us discover and celebrate the works of past and present pioneers of gay erotic photography and gay culture at large.