Mark Morrisroe in Provincetown Dunes - David Jarrett

From David Jarrett’s Personal Diary:

“I photographed Mark Morrisroe in Provincetown MA in 1980, using a Leica M3 film camera. I had not-for-pay sex with Mark Dirt, as Mark Morrisroe then called himself, a few times in August 1980 and again in August 1981, in Provincetown. At that time, we discussed his interest in photography. However, I never realized that there was the possibility he could become a world-famous photographer.

Mark Dirt’s real name was Mark Morrisroe, a photographer who has had several important solo photography exhibits: 1986 + 1988: Pat Hearn Gallery, New York; 1997: The Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles; 1997: Neue Gesellschaft fru Bildende Kunst, Berlin; 2007: ClampArt, New York; 2010-11: Fotomuseum Winterthur, Winterthur, Switzerland; 2011: Artist Space, New York; 2011: ClampArt, New York; 2012: Museum Villa Stuck, Munich, Germany. Several books have been published on Mark Morrisroe.

On 26 August 1980, Mark clearly signed a model release for me as “Mrk Dirt.” In the model release, he did not spell his name as “Mark.” I photographed him in the nude on the beach grass and sand dunes in Provincetown. Most of the photographs that I took of him show an erection.

My personal sex diary notes indicate that Mark was ‘wee nelly’ and had a smooth, slim, swimmer’s build.

The first time we met and had sex was during the second week in August 1980. The last time we met and had sex that summer was during the last week of August 1980. At that time, Mark was temporarily living at 8 Mechanic Street, Apartment #4, in Provincetown. He gave me two addresses in Boston. During the first time we met and had sex, he gave me a contact address of Meg Smith, 143 Mass Avenue, Boston 02115. Phone (617) 266-6519. During the last time we had sex that year, Mark gave me an address in Boston of 29 Park Drive, apartment #B, Boston.

The following year, in Provincetown, we again met and had sex during the last week in August 1981. At that time, I did not record his Boston address.

I did not have any contact with him after that time.”