Veretta Cobler - New York Underground 1970-1980


"Tragedy came to the Big Apple long before 9/11 with the arrival of a new four-letter world called AIDS that terrorized an entire generation of New Yorkers. It threw the world's freest, most cosmopolitan and culturally advanced city back into a medieval mindset of fear. Photographer Veretta welcomes us back to the last days of a self-confident city that is always ready to party in effusively decorated nightspots. She shows a generation that sang and danced in garish attire through the carefree days that opened up after the Vietnam War, unaware of sordid doings underway that would radically alter their mindset. This book bears witness to the last days of an era before an entire generation of New Yorkers discovered the grief, mourning and despair that comes with the loss of loved ones. Throughout these pages, there is still music, fun and laughter in vibrant garb. Everyone could live it up in the certainty it would last forever."

"New York City-based photographer Veretta Cobler‘s book New York Underground 1970-1980 offers beautiful insights into the New York club scene of the disco era and overflows with glam, glitter and sexual tension. The book, which is completely kept in black and white, was published in 2004 by Parkstone International and is currently available for a sale price of 5,00$ on Amazon.com. It is also available in German (similarly cheap) and French (a little more expensive), although it is only the photographer’s introduction that differs"