Gail Thacker

Mark Morrisroe in Bed, 1989

Photo: Self portrait 1995. Photography Gail Thacker.

“I am not a photographer,” Gail Thacker insists. “I am a painter who discovered a medium that has a soul with painterly effects.” Her love affair with the camera took off in 1989 when a dear friend, the photographer and performance artist Mark Morrisroe, gifted her with a box of Polaroid 665 Positive/Negative film. It was three years after he had been diagnosed with AIDS, and he was able to see some of Thacker’s early Polaroids before he passed away later that same year. He was thirty years old.
Thacker’s unusual process began when she left some of her un-rinsed Polaroids wrapped in plastic. The chemicals distorted the images, and they reconfigured themselves. Suddenly, apparitions, specters, ghosts, black holes, and constellations appeared over the surface of people’s faces and bodies. She followed a similar routine for decades, storing the film under her mattress, in closets, all over the place–sometimes for years before printing. As the art historian Jonathan David Katz puts it, her pictures were allowed to “age and cook in their own chemicals.”


Erin M Riley

"Erin M Riley (1985) es una artista norteamericana que vive y trabaja en Brooklyn, NY y que se ha hecho famosa, entre otras cosas, por compartir en Internet sus retratos y otros que se apropia de imágenes publicadas en los medios sociales, todos ellos tejidos en un telar y en los que plasma momentos íntimos y privados. Riley también pone el foco de su trabajo en las mujeres y en temas relacionados con el sexo, las armas, las drogas y en algunos casos, con la violencia, ya que ningún tema es tabú para ser recreado en su telar. Sus trabajos están realizados en tapices de lana teñida y tejidos a mano."


Joe Dallesandro and the Art History by Little Joe Blog

"Little Joe Nighthawks"

"Little Joe Mapplethorpe"

"Little Joe en el lecho junto a su mujer Martha Washington"

"Little Joe almorzando en el rascacielos"
"Lunch at top of a skyscraper"

"Little Joe comiendo con Renoir y aburrida como una ostra"

"Little Joe en Vietnam"

"Hable con él"


Katsu Naito - West Side Rendezvous

A collection of photographs documenting the transvestite and transsexual street-walkers of New York.

"I have started to work this project in 1990, to getting know them slowly and start to documenting their daily encounters. These images were taken in the Meat Packing District, West Side of above 23rd street to 29th street and Hunts Point, Bronx. This project was wrapped in early 2000, in the Bronx."